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Joshua Mariano

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Joshua Mariano
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Imagine living in a country with complete chaos. Wars from left to right, not enough money for food to provide for your hungry family, and there was no way to stop but leave the country in hopes of a better life somewhere else. Believe it or not, 68.5 million people across the globe are suffering like this.

My name is Joshua Mariano and I am a grade 10 student from Saint Patrick's Regional Secondary School. My school and I are fundraising for a very crucial topic. Our school theme for this fundraising event is, "In Solidarity We Walk." Never have so many people fled war, persecution, natural disasters, extreme poverty, and development megaprojects. In solidarity with the 68.5 million children, women, and men who have been forced to flee their homes, “Development and Peace” challenges us to help collectively walk 40,075 kilometers, the equivalent of the Earth’s circumference. Every step you take will send a strong message to the Canadian government that it must do more to end forced migration around the world.

As individuals who seek to support the best in the world, we as a class are going to be walking 5km for all the people around the world who had to flee their homes.

In addition, my fundraising goal is $50. I encourage you to donate and contribute even just a dollar to my goal being that "Development & Peace" is relying on our commitment to support the poor in their struggle for justice in the Global South. We need to stay committed to change and do our best to help the world.

Donate today to make a change in someone's life.
I'm campaigning as part of a team: St. Pat's Grade 10 Celtics 2019