Fundraise for us: your solidarity chain letters will travel a long way | Development and Peace

Fundraise for us: your solidarity chain letters will travel a long way

Members and supporters of Development and Peace believe in a world of justice and peace. In our personal lives, we are also members of communities – with the gift of friends, neighbours, family members or coworkers who share many of the same values that we do.

You can spread solidarity and support people in the Global South by inviting your community to get to know us and to consider making a gift.

Do you know someone who might be interested in supporting our international social justice work?

At Development and Peace, we know that our future supporters are more likely to accept a request if it comes from someone they know and trust.

Through our solidarity chain letter, we want to leverage the power of connection for our sisters and brothers around the world, and for our Common Home.

By growing our base of support, we can enhance our existing partnerships in Asia, Africa, the Americas, and the Middle East, and accompany even more people.

Get started now!

How the solidarity chain letter works

Creating your own personal Chain of Solidarity is as simple as 1… 2… 3… send!

  1. Identify one to three people who would be interested in the mission of Development and Peace and in a position to contribute to our work. All gifts big or small make a difference!
  2. Print the sample letter of your choice
    Sample letter front (PDF)
    Sample letter back (PDF)
    Sample letter front and back (PDF)
    Sample letter front, editable and copyable (Word)
  3. Personalize the sample letter by adding a message in the small memo box. If you need more space, grab another sheet of paper and write the rest of your message there 😊
  4. Mail your letter to your supporters to ask them to donate… or drop it off directly!

If you have time, follow-up with a phone call after a couple of weeks to make sure your letter was well received and to thank anyone who joins your Chain of Solidarity!

Receiving a personalized letter from a friend is truly something special. In these physically distant times, Development and Peace invites you to pick up a pen and start your solidarity chain… the old-fashioned way!

Don’t have access to a printer?

Start a solidarity email chain instead!

Write a personal email to your potential supporters and attach the Solidarity Letter PDF so they can see how their support helps the vulnerable.

If you prefer, copy and paste your favourite parts of the Sample Letter into your email. Just make sure it includes add our online donation link:

Will you join my chain of solidarity?

For over 50 years, Development and Peace — Caritas Canada has relied on people like us who believe in a world of justice.

Development and Peace supports partners in the Global South that are working to transform unjust social, political and economic structures, and also acts for change here in Canada.

Last year, the solidarity of Canadians like you and me supported over 100 projects in some 30 countries. I’m writing you today because I believe that you want to help spread solidarity too.

A donation from you will help Development and Peace sustain and strengthen their work with communities whose poverty and vulnerabilities are worsened by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join the solidarity movement! Make a donation today:


By phone: 1 888 234-8533

By sending a cheque to: Development and Peace – Caritas Canada, 1425 René-Lévesque Blvd West, 3rd floor, Montreal QC H3G 1T7

In communities across the Global South, Development and Peace’s partners work for peace, democracy, women’s rights and ecological justice. With your help, they can do even more!

To learn more about Development and Peace, visit

You can also order a Solidarity Kit from Development and Peace!

Order your kit now!

Each kit will include three of the following:

  • Sample letter
  • D&P-addressed envelope …should your supporters choose to donate via mail
  • Blank envelope …to put the above inside, then address to each person you solicit

Send us a message at, telling us how many kits you would like to receive.

On behalf of our sisters and brothers in Africa, the Americas, Asia, and the Middle East, thank you for your time, generosity and solidarity!