Solidarity Letter for the defenders of the Amazon

Solidarity Letter for the defenders of the Amazon

Voices at risk in Brazil

Indigenous and traditional communities are valiantly defending the Amazon despite facing intimidation, persecution, criminalization, the derecognition of their rights and the deregulation of resource exploitation.

To show them our appreciation and solidarity, we are sending the seringueiros and the Mura people a letter of solidarity with 65,000 signatures (one for each species of tree and vertebrate in the Amazon).

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Objective: 65,000 signatures

Dear seringueiros of Machadinho d’Oeste and Mura people of Manaus,

Thank you for protecting the Amazon rainforest, your traditional home and humanity’s common heritage.

We, the people of Canada, are pained to learn of your persecution, dispossession and criminalisation by those who would rob your lands, livelihoods, waters and way of life to exploit the gifts of the Amazon for profit.

We join you in urging your government to stop privileging corporate interests over your rights and the integrity of the forest.

We will impel our government to hold Canadian companies to account for what they do on your lands. Keeping you in our hearts, thoughts and prayers, we wish you more power in your fight for justice and dignity.

In solidarity,

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