A youth internship with Development and Peace - a unique opportunity! | Development and Peace

A youth internship with Development and Peace - a unique opportunity!

May 15, 2015
Brigitte Dorge, Regional Youth Intern from the Archdiocese of Winnipeg
Some of the Interns at the Orientation Session in Montreal. From left to right: Stephanie Nguyen (Archdiocese of Vancouver), Fred-Shero Cenadin (Archdiocese of Quebec), Brenda Chaput (Youth Program Officer at Development and Peace), Sarah Charland-Faucher (Diocese of Rimouski ), Liautaud Philogene (Archdiocese of Ottawa ) and Shanley Spence (Archdiocese of St. Boniface).

This winter, I began an internship with Development and Peace.

What an exciting opportunity it has been for me to apply my studies outside of the classroom! Even more exciting, is that through this internship, I am able to work towards building a world of justice, which is one my passions!

Development and Peace’s youth internship program offers a truly unique professional development and learning opportunity to students across the country.

As interns, our role is to support and promote the organization’s youth engagement strategies at the local level. As one of 10 students participating in this program, I took part in a Development and Peace orientation and training weekend at the head office in Montreal. This session reinforced my excitement for working for social justice by connecting me with other like-minded students from across Canada, who are now also regional youth interns.

The connections we made during that orientation weekend created a real sense that through Development and Peace, we are working on a common vision of social justice here at home, as well as with Development and Peace’s partner organizations around the world. As I become more aware of global justice issues, I find myself overwhelmed yet hopeful because of this internship program. All those participating in it have come together to help the Development and Peace movement grow and encourage more young adults to take action in creating sustainable change.

With the support and guidance of passionate Development and Peace staff, who have been sharing their experience and advice with me, I see this internship as providing young adults with a platform to engage in social justice work, to be heard and to transform relationships. It is an experience that promotes amongst youth life-long engagement with Development and Peace, as members and as future donors.

I’m enjoying this exciting opportunity and look forward to the journey of walking in solidarity with Development and Peace for a long time to come!