Time to Fast! | Development and Peace

Time to Fast!

April 17, 2014
Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer

This Good Friday, Canadians across the country will be fasting in support of all those in the Global South faced with poverty and hunger. Together, we are fasting for world peace, for human dignity, for justice and for food for all, and by raising funds for Development and Peace, you are contributing in a concrete way towards solutions that allow all to benefit from God’s gifts to mankind.

When confronted with our pangs of hunger, we can think of Gharem and Nafeh, two children who lost their mother and siblings in the conflict in Syria, and are now refugees, or Teodora in Peru who wishes to protect her land from contamination caused by the arrival of a mining company in her community. In sharing in their suffering through our Fast, we are also sharing in their hope for a better future, one that we all believe in.

Although, Good Friday is a traditional moment of fasting, by moving from prayer and reflection to action adds meaning to our observance of Good Friday. It reminds us to be grateful for the many blessings in our lives that often go unnoticed, and to share these blessings with others.

We want to thank all those who are participating in the Good Friday Fast, and all those who are offering their support. At the end of our Fast, our hunger will be filled, but our hunger for justice and solidarity will carry on.

Good luck and good Fast!