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Nigeria: Coming face-to-face with survivors of Bring Back Our Girls and the terror of Boko Haram

August 19, 2014
Raphael Yimga Tatchi, Programs Officer for Africa

For some time now, and with more and more insistence in the last few months, our partners in Nigeria, particularly in the North, have mentioned in our conversations the combined effects of violence and insecurity following attacks by the armed group Boko Haram. Not only are these partners forced to restrict the scope and frequency of their activities, but they must also deal with the emergence of humanitarian concerns.

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Joint peace initiative by Muslim and Christian groups in Northern Nigeria

January 23, 2012
Trevor Cook, International development programs officer for Nigeria

The BBC reported on Monday, Jan. 23 that both Muslim and Christian residents of Kano, the northern Nigerian city where at least 160 people were killed in a series of attacks on Friday, have been urged to heed a day of prayer.