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As the Olympics draw to an end, no Olympic gold for Rio’s poor

What we are not seeing in the glare of the cameras, however, is those who have paid the highest price for these Olympics: Rio’s poor.

A World Cup for all

June 17, 2014
Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer

It doesn’t take much to get a game of soccer going. A ball and some makeshift goalposts are all that are required for anyone to start a match. Its accessibility is surely one of the main reasons why the sport is so popular and can be seen played in even some of the remotest corners of the world. Yet, this summer’s 2014 World Cup, currently taking place in Brazil, has raised many questions as to whether soccer is still every person’s sport.

Celebrating a lifetime of social justice

October 18, 2012
Anne Catherine Kennedy, Program Officer for Brazil and Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer

On October 20th, Development and Peace’s partner organization the Comissão Pastoral da Terra (CPT) in Brazil will be paying homage to Dom Tomás Balduino, who will be celebrating his 90th birthday in December.