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International Development Week: Canadians’ solidarity with the people of Syria

For nearly 10 years, Canadians have contributed with compassion and generosity to help millions of Syrians survive the ravages of war, hunger, poverty and displacement.


There are 2.8 million Syrian refugees and each has a face and a name

June 20, 2014
Kelly Di Domenico
Yahia Khaled is a Syrian refugee in Jordan.

The conflict in Syria has been ongoing for over three years now, and it has forced 2.8 million to flee the country. It is a shocking number that makes us take a moment to reflect on the sheer number of people who have abandoned their homes to escape the violence. Yet such a large number can make us lose sight that it represents 2.8 million individuals, each with a name and a story, each who had a home and a history that was all left behind with only bits and pieces carried away in a suitcase.

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Aleppo office of Caritas Syria miraculously survives rocket attack

Staff of the Caritas centre in Aleppo miraculously just missed the attack.

The need for peace in Syria hit very close to home on Wednesday, when a Caritas Syria centre in Aleppo received a direct hit from a rocket at 4 p.m. Miraculously, the centre was empty and no one was injured in the attack. The centre’s office, however, sustained significant damage.