Sow much love: Development and Peace to call for support of small family farmers and their right to seeds during the 2014 fall campaign | Development and Peace

Sow much love: Development and Peace to call for support of small family farmers and their right to seeds during the 2014 fall campaign

July 2, 2014
Elana Wright, Education Material Officer

At Development and Peace, we believe that there is room at the table for all. However, 1 billion people are still suffering from hunger – that’s 1 in 8 people of the entire human family! This fall, Development and Peace continues to answer the call of Pope Francis to fight the global scandal of hunger, by launching an education campaign about the role of women and men family farmers in fighting hunger. Under the slogan “Sow Much Love”, the campaign will educate Canadians about the role of family farmers as stewards of the world’s seeds, and call on Canadians to take action to support the rights of farmers in the face of the growing threat of corporate control of seeds.

Farmers’ seeds are the heritage of the family farmers and peasant communities who use them to feed their families, their communities and the world. Without access to seeds, the livelihoods of small family farmers and peasants around the world is threatened. By supporting small family farmers in their struggle to maintain the world’s seed biodiversity, we will ensure that they can continue to feed their families, and play a major role in fighting global hunger.

Caritas Internationalis is organizing a Global Week of Action, from October 12-18, 2014, and we hope that Canadians from coast to coast will join in! Stay tuned for proposed activities and events for that week. It will be a key moment in the campaign when the entire world will be focused on food and hunger on World Food Day on October 16th, 2014.

There will be many ways that you can join in the campaign. Through educational and advocacy materials and activities, we’ll learn about the essential role of small family farmers in feeding the hungry, and the challenges that they face. Then, we’ll take action to support their right to use traditional seeds. We are producing an activity guide for teachers and youth leaders, accompanied by special on-line games and activities, so that children and youth can engage in this important campaign. Two documentary films which examine the role of small family farmers in Haiti and in the Sahel, along with discussion guides, are available for your use in your community. Watch for the organizer’s kit which will be mailed out in mid-August, and will also be available at Be sure to order the campaign materials at the end August so that you can promote the campaign in your parish, local schools and your community-at-large.

With your support, Development and Peace will be able to continue to raise its voice with other Caritas organizations around the world to fight the injustice that causes global hunger.  Together, we can make a place at the table for all of the members of our human family!