Madagascar: Living in the Shadow of a Mine | Development and Peace

Madagascar: Living in the Shadow of a Mine

October 11, 2013
Khoudia Ndiaye, Communications Officer

The Rakotoarimanana family lives in Ambohibary, a village located in the district of Moramanga. The village is surrounded by forests that are rich in biodiversity, and a passion for nature is transmitted from generation to generation. The father is the Fonkontany (village) chief and takes care of everyday business in the community. Mr. Rakotoarimanana and his wife chose to settle here over 40 years ago in order to raise their seven children. Their eldest son does not hesitate to denounce the many abuses of the mine that is located less than 10 km from their home. Before the mine was opened, the community produced tons of rice and grew corn, beans, watercress, bananas, and all sorts of other fruits and vegetables. However, the arrival of the mine completely disrupted their daily lives, and since then community members feel that they are getting poorer every day.