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It’s Meet your MP Week!

November 12, 2013
Kelly Di Domenico, Communications Officer

This week, Members of Parliament across the country will be receiving visits from their constituents who want to share an important message with them from communities in the Global South: Canadian mining companies that don’t respect their rights should be held accountable.

This is why Development and Peace and several other organizations across the country are calling on the Canadian government to put in place an ombudsman here in Canada for the extractive sector.

We are encouraging Canadians to visit their MPs this week, while they are in their home constituencies, to discuss the issue of Canadian mining in the Global South and the need for an ombudsman here in Canada that can receive complaints from communities who are negatively impacted by Canadian mining companies, and investigate their concerns.

Since the launch of the A Voice for Justice campaign at the end of September, thousands of cards have already been signed in support of an ombudsman. In addition, many of those who sent a message to their MP via our website have received responses that show interest and support for this proposal.

Some Development and Peace members have already had the opportunity to meet with their MP, such as a group from Repentigny who met with MP Jean-François Larose, while others have even taken to the streets to let people know what is going on.

“The more I spoke about the campaign, the more I was filled with courage and enthusiasm. My smile and the desire to speak about this cause could be seen in the twinkle of eyes, my lips and my heart. There were many who signed the petition without hesitation,” reported youth member Alexandra Elena Cadar, who went to one of Montreal’s busiest markets with a group of fellow youth members to raise awareness and garner support.

We want to wish good luck to all those who will be visiting their MPs this week, and to thank everyone who already has or who are taking on other initiatives. Your commitment to stand in solidarity with those living on a daily basis with the negative impacts of mining will surely inspire others to do the same.

For those who can’t visit their MP this week, remember there is still a lot that you can do, for instance, you can share the campaign video in your networks, ask friends and family to sign the action card, share our online action on your Facebook page or Twitter, or even hit the streets to get signatures for our petition.

And if you do visit your MP, please don’t forget to fill out our MP report form to let us know how it went. We want to hear from you!