How sweet it is! | Development and Peace

How sweet it is!

March 17, 2017
Suzanne Slobodian, Jubilee Campaign Coordinating Officer

Although Mother Nature was not really on our side on this cold Saturday of March 11th, those who were willing to brave the raging Siberian weather to make it out to our urban sugar shack held near Development and Peace offices were well rewarded: we got the chance to taste delicious maple syrup on snow that the Poulin brothers, Nicolas and David, prepared for us with syrup from their sugar bush and snow brought directly from their native Beauce. (Nicolas and David are Sarah Poulin’s siblings; Sarah works with D &P’s International Programs.)

This little sweet was served at noon and topped off a delicious "sugar shack" meal concocted by the restaurant Itali.Co, with whom we had an agreement to use the terrace and part of the restaurant for this activity. The members of our National Council, who met throughout the weekend at our offices, were delighted!

I would like to thank Nicolas and David Poulin and the numerous members of their families who joined us, the young volunteers of the Québec sans frontières program, the owner and staff of the Itali.Co restaurant and all the people who came to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Development and Peace at this fun activity.