Haiti: When sharing experiences strengthens civil society | Development and Peace

Haiti: When sharing experiences strengthens civil society

April 18, 2013
Marie-Hélène Roy, Youth Officer

Since the earthquake of January 12, 2010, Development and Peace has been supporting a number of reconstruction projects put forward by various Haitian civil society partners. So, after more than three years, where are we in this extremely complex process of rebuilding a society that was already socio-economically vulnerable and whose weakness was exacerbated even further as a result of this natural disaster?

In order to take stock collectively of the progress made, several partners of Development and Peace in Haiti, working in various sectors of intervention, have come together to participate in an exercise to systematize their experiences. This three-day event is enabling partners involved in the reconstruction effort to reflect on their own experience in order to optimize the lessons learned and the successes of their projects, for the purpose of identifying recommendations and common courses of action that will strengthen the next stage of action.
Since the meeting began, several discussions have been held on various topics such as food sovereignty and seed conservation, green environmental practices, women's rights, community radio as a vehicle for social change, microcredit as a concrete means of empowering people, and much more. The various actors and actresses of Haitian civil society are working hard to "re-found" their country on the foundations of a more just society that meets the needs of all.