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Development and Peace efficiency

July 6, 2012
Claire Doran, Education Department Director

The business magazine MoneySense's latest charity ranking gives Development and Peace an overall grade of A- but a C grade for Overall Charity Efficiency!

By focusing exclusively on our organisation's international program, and considering our education program as an administrative cost, the report gives a somewhat distorted view of Development and Peace's real overall efficiency.

Development and Peace’s mission of fighting poverty in the Global South is accomplished through 2 programs : the international program supports the development work done by populations in the Global South, while the education program educates the Canadian public on issues of global justice and engages the Canadian population in actions of support to the poor of the Global South. This program represents as much as 3M$ yearly. (You can read our How your money is spent page for more information on our expenses and programs.)

Our education program is strongly supported by Development and Peace partners in the Global South who often express how crucial action in Canada is for their development. Development and Peace believes that development in the South cannot be achieved without the awareness and solidarity of Canadians and that its education program is far from being an administrative cost.