Christ the King of the universe is counting on our collaboration to build his Kingdom | Development and Peace

Christ the King of the universe is counting on our collaboration to build his Kingdom

December 6, 2017
Suzanne Slobodian, Jubilee Campaign Coordinating Officer

Let's respond to his invitation with our prayer and commitment. The beginning of the universal prayer of the Closing Mass of the 50th of Development and Peace, held on November 25 at the Basilica of St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal, sums up well the mission that our organization has set itself as we have collaborated (and still do) to the building of his Kingdom by our solidarity with the poorest of the global South, for the last 50 years.

The Mass, presided over by Bishop Morissette, bishop of St-Jérôme, took place nicely, to the sound of an organist and the angelic voices of Les Petits chanteurs du Mont-Royal. We also benefited from the presence of Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim, eparchial bishop of the Greek-Melkite Catholics of Canada. The participation of certain members of the National Council was required for the readings and the offering procession, especially that of our president, Jean-Denis Lampron, as deacon.

I think I can say that this Eucharistic celebration has been a welcomed moment of peace and contemplation for all participants. And I would like to thank my two main collaborators for this: Sister Marie-Andrée Daigneault and Françoise Lagacé, both members of the National Council.

I leave you on the words of the invitation to reflection that Françoise shared with us at the end of the celebration - may they continue to be an inspiration for you:

Holy Spirit, Spirit of unity
Fifty years ago, you inspired our Canadian bishops
The creation of this great movement of solidarity between nations,
Development and Peace.
You have gathered from coast to coast
Men and women of all ages,
Driven by a great desire to change the world,
To build bridges between the peoples of the North and the South,
Making us real partners
Who are working to build a more just and fraternal society.
Continue to inspire the conviction and enthusiasm of our mission.

© Gilles Pilette for Development and Peace