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Bringing home knowledge from around the world

August 23, 2016
Sam Ath Kim, Publications and Communications Manager, Youth Resource Development Program, Cambodia

Sam is Publications and Communications Manager with Development and Peace partner Youth Resource Development Program (YRDP) in Cambodia. She participated in the World Social Forum as part of a Development and Peace youth delegation made up of youth from across Canada and Haiti.

The World Social Forum (WSF) serves as a worldwide platform for an exchange of ideas, experiences and information related to climate change, post-COP21 citizen mobilization, youth and political action, gender equity and the empowerment of women, mining…etc. By participating, I benefited from a curriculum that was specifically designed by recognized civil society organizations from around the world. Moreover, I had the chance to present the activities of YRDP on issues such as climate change, gender equity, and mobilization around the COP21 to many participants from different countries. With the other participants, I shared my experiences on how these issues are being addressed in Cambodia, and learned from them how they are dealing with similar challenges and their success stories.

Sam Ath Kim

By applying and sharing the knowledge and experiences I gained from the WSF, I strongly believe that I can contribute to transforming my country into a more peaceful, harmonious and developed nation, something that all people want.

I also had the great opportunity to join the opening march with many youth and NGOs from around the world. This mass walk sent a message to the world that we care about climate change, that we want the climate justice and we want it now! I joined hands with other youth to sign a petition to call for action from the United Nations on climate change.

In addition, by absorbing such fruitful experiences and gaining knowledge from different guest speakers from different continents, I grew professionally. As a Publications and Communications Manager, I can share and apply the knowledge and experiences that I learned at the WSF through my journalism work. I now understand that formal and informal education towards climate change must go beyond the acquisition of knowledge, and operate from the premise that I not only have ability to know the reality but also the capacity for critical reflection and action. The WSF helped me to experience real live discussions and to reflect with other youth and speakers from many countries. Getting insightful information from different sources will help me to effectively educate and inform people in my home country.