An act of selflessness for a more just world | Development and Peace

An act of selflessness for a more just world

September 12, 2013
Pat Kennedy, Chairperson, National Council and President, Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace
Pat Kennedy

This is what we are witnessing today through the gesture of Joachim Ostermann, who recently professed his solemn vows to enter the Order of Friars Minor (OFM), whose members are commonly known as the Franciscans.

Approximately one year ago, as part of his spiritual journey, Joachim was taking a course in Social Justice, through which he met one of the animators of Development and Peace and became interested in the mission of our organization. As he learned more, his belief in the work of Development and Peace grew to the point that when it came time to profess his final vow of poverty, he chose to donate his earthly possessions to the benefit of our most poor and vulnerable brothers and sisters in the Global South through Development and Peace.

It is on their behalf that I humbly thank Brother Joachim for choosing Development and Peace as his beneficiary and gracing the organization with his selflessness – an act that is a true inspiration to our work. Brother Joachim, we thank you! You will remain in our prayers as we continue on our shared mission of solidarity with the poor.

I invite you to read Brother Joachim’s own words on his commitment to creating a just world.