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Solidarity at the Heart of Development and Peace’s Commitment

October 20, 2016

In one year from today, Development and Peace – Caritas Canada will celebrate 50 years of solidarity with the poorest and most vulnerable people in the countries of the Global South. As part of the celebrations, Development and Peace will be broadcasting vox pop videos and testimonials on key themes. We are pleased to present the first vox pop, in which some of our members and partners explain what solidarity means for them.

What does solidarity mean for Development and Peace?

Solidarity is at the heart of the Church’s principles of Catholic Social Teaching that have been guiding Development and Peace in its work for nearly 50 years. Solidarity is a commitment to strengthen community and promote a just society. For us, living our solidarity means standing beside the poorest against injustice and supporting their efforts every day.

Solidarity with the poor, vulnerable and marginalized peoples of the Global South can be found in, among other things, our international programs, which are based on solidarity and partnership, where we work with local grassroots organizations that are equipped to understand the realities and challenges of their community and how best to accompany them. Solidarity is also evident in our emergency relief programs, which respond to humanitarian needs and supports communities in rebuilding and becoming more resilient.

Here in Canada, solidarity is demonstrated through fundraising activities and initiatives in education, mobilization and advocacy. For 50 years, Development and Peace members have been denouncing injustices and creating change, whether it be alongside Nelson Mandela to end apartheid in South Africa in 1988–1989, our campaigns to hold mining companies accountable by establishing an ombudsman, or most recently, in confronting the challenges of climate change.

It is thanks to the support of Canadians that Development and Peace can continue to act in solidarity with the poorest people in the countries of the Global South.

Become a member

Acting in solidarity is also carrying out concrete acts that support the most vulnerable populations of the Global South. You too can be part of the movement and be at the heart of change. Become a member of Development and Peace (offered free of charge in this year of celebration), make your voice heard, or make a donation.