The Sixties—The First Share Lent Campaign | Development and Peace

The Sixties—The First Share Lent Campaign

May 30, 2017

“Suddenly I realized that my life and how I live affects people elsewhere. It was like a turnaround in my life. I have been grateful to Development and Peace for the way they have broadened our perception.”

Sister Margaret Sadler, Vancouver B.C. Member since 1967

In the second video in our Jubilee video series, Development and Peace looks back to its very first fundraising campaign launched in 1968.The Campaign raised $1.35 million for 77 projects in 32 countries.

At the same time, events such as the war and famine in Biafra, Nigeria, were having an impact on the growing need to help developing nations and many countries were asked to increasing their support for international aid.

Indeed, in 1969, former Prime Minister Lester Pearson lobbied rich nations to contribute 0.7% of their Gross National Income to aid developing nations.

Inspired by this call, the Catholic Women’s League asked its members to give 1% of their luxury purchases to Development and Peace as well as to donate 1% of all funds raised by their parish councils.

Watch the video for find out more!