Gaza: Call for an immediate end to violence | Development and Peace

Gaza: Call for an immediate end to violence

August 8, 2014

Development and Peace joins with Pope Francis and with all those who seek a lasting peace in the Middle East based on the principles of justice, on the recognition of the rights and dignity of each individual and on assurances of mutual security. Development and Peace calls upon all those involved in the negotiations to bring an immediate end to the violence and to act to:

  • End military operations and to institute a permanent ceasefire between the warring parties;
  • Ensure unconditional access to the Gaza Strip for the delivery of humanitarian aid and for the evacuation of the wounded;
  • Mutually acknowledge the rights of Palestinians and Israelis to live in peace and security, while having their rights and dignity respected;
  • Permanently lift the blockade of the Gaza Strip and to end the occupation of Palestinian Territories; and
  • Pursue a sustainable peace based on respect for international law and on the establishment and recognition of a Palestinian State peacefully coexisting with the State of Israel.

Development and Peace is in regular and constant contact with its on-site partners to assess the needs of the population in order to respond to the devastating humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip. Development and Peace is accepting donations from the public, which will be added to funds already committed to supply food, drinking water, medicines and other basic necessities to the most vulnerable families through its local partners. Since its founding in 1967, Development and Peace has been involved in the Middle East, and in collaboration with its regional partners, stands firm in its commitment to promote human rights, and the principles of non-violence and mutual respect between the different communities involved.