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Development and Peace launches Jubilee book to celebrate 50 years of Solidarity

May 31, 2017

With 50 stories from 50 different contributors, Development and Peace’s new book, Jubilee 50 Years of Solidarity, is both an exuberant celebration of the profoundly transformative role that our movement has played in people’s lives and a stirring affirmation of social action as an expression of spirituality.

Managed by a committed editorial committee of Mike Flynn, Hélène Gobeil, Danny Gillis and Fabien Leboeuf, the book’s narrative approach treats readers to personal and compelling accounts of what it was like to be involved in some of Development and Peace’s key milestones, projects, campaigns and partnerships around the world.

“This book is a compelling ode to the passion and hope that has sustained our movement and our partners for over 50 years now,” said Josianne Gauthier, Director, In-Canada Programs. “Our mission to create a peaceful world can seem daunting, but the stories in this compilation remind us of our accomplishments and that we have so much to be proud of. I hope it will be widely shared and enjoyed.

Danny Gillis, who coordinated the anniversary book project, says “We wanted to show how Vatican II’s vision of a Church engaged with the world has been lived out through Development and Peace. Through stories, personal reflections and 250 full colour pictures with captions the book paints a beautiful and dynamic image of this 50-year-old movement for solidarity.”

Jubilee book to celebrate 50 years of Solidarity

Editorial committee (from left): Mike Flynn, Hélène Gobeil, Danny Gillis, and Fabien Leboeuf.

Altogether, the merging of these stories into one Jubilee compilation is a wonderful metaphor for the international solidarity that Development and Peace lives by, a theme also beautifully reiterated by one of our members, Natalie Rizzo, in her contribution, Water for life:

“We do not live in the world as isolated beings. We cannot afford to deny our connectedness. Once we recognize this, it is impossible to ignore the fact that our political choices and consumer preferences directly impact other human beings. It is that intersection of the economic and political with the spiritual that brought me to Development and Peace and continues to move me. “

Jubilee 50 Years of Solidarity will be officially launched on Thursday, June 1 in Toronto and is currently available for purchase at Novalis. We encourage you to share the news and make sure you pick up a few (or more!) for your favourite Development and Peace supporters.

Danny Gillis talks about Jubilee 50 Years of Solidarity with Salt and Light Media