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Development and Peace helps 10,000 displaced Syrians endure harsh winter conditions

January 27, 2017
10,000 Syrians displaced from East Aleppo

Since the siege in East Aleppo ended last month, the cold weather has taken a severe toll on the estimated 50,000 Syrians remaining in East Aleppo, who sought refuge in temporary shelters or severely damaged buildings, and who do not have access to clean water, adequate food and electricity.

With the help of its long-time partner, the Jesuit Refugee Services (JRS), Development and Peace was able to provide 10,000 Syrians displaced from East Aleppo with supplies that will help them endure harsh winter conditions.

JRS provided displaced people in Hanano district with survival kits, including winter underwear and socks, hygiene kits to purify water and prevent disease, small gas cookers, and important food items, such as powdered milk to enhance children’s nutrition and help prevent malnutrition.

“In addition to their impoverished living conditions, Syrians are also suffering from a steep decline in male breadwinners,” says Dominique Godbout, Development and Peace Program Officer for Syria. “The majority of families are made up of women, the elderly, and children so it is very difficult for them to earn a living.”

On the heels of recent peace talks between the Syrian government and opposition groups in Astana, Kazakhstan and with UN-brokered talks scheduled to take place on February 8 in Geneva, Development and Peace urges all parties to uphold the ceasefire agreement and end the unlawful sieges, allowing sustained and unimpeded humanitarian access to all those in need.

In addition, parties must make abiding commitments towards a peaceful political solution that will bring about real life-saving changes for millions of Syrians.


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