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Defending the Amazon is now a burning need

September 3, 2019

A man works in a burning tract of Amazon jungle as it is being cleared by loggers and farmers in Amazonas. August 20, 2019

The Amazon rainforest, which is critical to the earth’s ecological balance, is going up in flames. Supporting those who defend it is now, quite literally, a burning need.

Development and Peace — Caritas Canada’s upcoming campaign, For our Common Home, will highlight the importance of protecting the Amazon and its peoples. Meanwhile, we invite you to give as an act of solidarity with the most vulnerable people affected by the current situation.

Your donation will help us and our partners in the Amazon continue:

  • Supporting Indigenous and traditional communities in defending their land rights
  • Rallying support for Brazilian institutions mandated with protecting the Amazon
  • Countering government narratives that criminalize environmental NGOs
  • Fighting policies that weaken Brazil’s national environmental and Indigenous agencies
  • Working to reverse policies that embolden illegal logging and extractive industries

Development and Peace – Caritas Canada is deeply concerned about the safety of our partners and the Indigenous and traditional peoples in the regions affected by the fires. Your gift will help us support their frontline struggle to protect the Amazon as the world mobilizes to respond to and contain this disaster.


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