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Comments of members of the delegation

August 12, 2013

Bishop Simard was touched by the experience and impressed by the quality of the work taking place on the ground: “All the projects really touched me. I saw a real concern to be in solidarity with people in their suffering. I saw projects that allow people to take in hand their own lives. I find this is an excellent appraoch to development. Real development should allow people to become independent.”

“I compliment the people who work with Development and Peace on the sites for their professionalism, their intelligent thinking and their long-term strategizing, with the view that if we are going to recover from famine and prevent famine in the future we have to take steps now that secure that,” remarked Archbishop Prendergast on the results of the projects he visited with the delegation.

For Development and Peace British Columbia National Council member Dick Mynen, it was a privilege to visit these projects alongside the bishops. “I experienced a true moment of solidarity with the Church. It was truly a spiritual moment and one I will cherish for a very long time.”