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Celebrating Laudato Si’

June 17, 2016

One year ago, Pope Francis galvanized the world with his encyclical letter Laudato Si’. Released just a few months before the COP21 negotiations in Paris, Pope Francis drew the attention of the world towards the social and environmental crisis that is threatening the Earth, particularly the most and poor vulnerable of the Global South who are the ones who have contributed the least to climate change.

Through Laudato Si’, Pope Francis invites citizens of the world to view the Earth as our Common Home, one where each person is our neighbour and a loved one. As such, we need to change the way we live to ensure that all can share equally in the Earth’s resources and in a way that is sustainable and in harmony with nature. Even after a year, it is a call that we must continue to respond to so we can transform our world into a true Common Home. 

Watch His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle, Archbishop of Manila and President of Caritas International, speak on the important messages within Laudato Si’ that can inspire us to change.