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January 24, 2014

Members of Development and Peace have been and remain very active all across the country promoting the A Voice for Justice campaign. Meetings have taken place with a total of 36 Members of Parliament from all political parties, and most of them have received petitions signed by citizens from their respective ridings.

January 16, 2014

Since its founding in 1967, Development and Peace has been working in the Middle East, responding to recurring humanitarian crises in the region.

November 12, 2013

This week, Members of Parliament across the country will be receiving visits from their constituents who want to share an important message with them from communities in the Global South: Canadian mining companies that don’t respect their rights should be held accountable.

This is why Development and Peace and several other organizations across the country are calling on the Canadian government to put in place an ombudsman here in Canada for the extractive sector.

October 24, 2013

23 Canadian organizations issued a call to action to Members of Parliament and all Canadians this week, to ensure that victims of abuse by Canadian extractive companies abroad can access justice in Canada.

Meeting with MP John McKay by members and staff of D&P and Citizens for Public Justice
October 23, 2013

Join other Canadians across the country who will be asking for support for the Voice for Justice campaign from their Member of Parliament during the week of November 11 to 15.

Mgr Gaetano di Pierro, évêque de Moramanga; Mgr Fulgence Muteba, évêque de Kilwa-Kasenga; l’abbé David Luhaka de la Commission Justice et paix du diocèse de Kalemie-Kirungu
September 27, 2013

From September 1st to September 8th, 2013, a mission that included bishops from the Democratic Republic of the Congo visited Madagascar. The group was made up of the Most Rev. Fulgence Muteba Mugalu, Bishop of Kilwa Kasenga; the Most Rev. Ruvezi Kashala Gaston, Bishop of Sakania Kipushi; Father David Luhaka of the diocese of Kalemie Kirungu; and Fidèle Banza Mutombo, Development Advisor for Community Radio of  Katanga (RCK).

May 27, 2013

On Friday, May 17th, 2013, Mr. Pat Kennedy, President of the Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace participated in a meeting with the Minister of International Cooperation, the Honourable Julian Fantino, and the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB), who were represented by Archbishop Richard Smith, President of the CCCB, Archbishop Paul-Andre Durocher, Vice-President of the CCCB, and Monsignor Pat Powers, General Secretary of the CCCB.

Syrian refugee Photo: Caritas
May 9, 2013

When 154 members of the United Nations General Assembly, including Canada, voted in favour of a universal Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) on April 2nd, 2013, it was a historic step towards instilling a culture of peace worldwide.

Women of the Siria Valley have heavy metal presence in their blood due to a mine
March 8, 2013

It has now been two years since the suited managers of the San Martin open pit gold mine, owned by Goldcorp, packed their bags and left the Siria Valley in central Honduras. They had spent literally hundreds of hours of air time, reassuring the population that the mine hadn’t harmed the surrounding environment.

As proof, they even built an eco-tourism hotel on the mine site, raised cattle and poultry and planted eucalyptus trees everywhere – although the thirsty nature of these in an area with a gradually diminishing water supply seemed to escape them.

March 1, 2013

Dear members and supporters of Development and Peace,

Since the launch of our 2012 Fall Action campaign highlighting our concerns about Canada's new orientations in its international assistance policy, local parish-based Development and Peace groups from across the country have been organizing meetings with their local MPs. The organization's members have used these meetings to highlight the necessity of restoring the needs of the world's poorest and most disadvantaged peoples to the heart of Canadian international assistance policies and strategies in the pursuit of sustainable alternatives to unjust economic, political and social structures.