National Council | Development and Peace

National Council

The National Council is composed of volunteer members from across Canada, as well as four bishops who represent the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops.  The Council is the highest decision-making body at Development and Peace.


National members elected to the National Council:

Danny Gillis (Atlantic)
Tim Turner (Atlantic) - Vice-President
Simone Fournier (Quebec) - Secretary 
Jason Noble (Quebec) 
Richard Pommainville (Ontario) - Treasurer
Christopher Duncanson-Hales (Ontario)
Evelyne Beaudoin (West) - President
Nancy Stuart (West) 
Brenda Arakaza (Youth Representative - Francophone)
Reanne Laurie (Youth Representative - Anglophone) 
Richard Beaucher (Member-at-Large)
Boris Polanski (Member-at-Large)

Representatives of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops:

Most Rev. Peter Hundt (Atlantic)
Most Rev. Pierre Goudreault (Quebec) - Member of the Executive Committee 
Most Rev. Guy Desrochers (Ontario)
Most Rev. William McGrattan (West)